Community Supported Agriculture

Our 2015 CSA Share enables members to enjoy fresh-picked local produce from Hayden farms grown with love and care.  We have carefully planned our gardens this year to ensure an abundance of produce utilizing sustainable practices of composting, integrated pest management and careful nurturing.  Modern innovations such as crop covers, greenhouses and drip irrigation are made possible through your membership in the community supported agriculture and enable us to grow in our challenging climate.

As we also have chickens, farm animals and other projects rolling, we will offer additional add-ons with member’s only specials announced before your weekly pick-up.  Join us for a very limited number of shares in 2015.

:  Hayden Heritage Farms

  • Horse & Hen with the Wattles Family, (5 generations living on the land since 1935)
  • Diamond O with the Delaney and Lott Families, (a 1919 farm listed on the National Register of Historic Places)


  • 2015 CSA Shares are limited to 15 members at a cost of $300/share for 12 weeks of local produce ($25/week for organically grown, fresh and local produce including spinach, radishes, beets, carrots, kale, chard, cabbage, salad greens, herbs and heritage apples and plums).


  • 12 weeks of the summer of 2015, distributions on Fridays starting June 27th through September 11th.


  • Pickups alternate weekly between the Horse & Hen, ¼ mile north of Hayden and the Diamond O, 2 miles northeast of Hayden, both a scenic drive.


  • Fresh, organically grown and local produce raised with loving care utilizing the wisdom of past generations and the resources of heritage farms that were part of our community based food systems in the early 1900s
  • If you are what you eat, then ensure what you eat is grown with love and care.  Buying direct from a farm is the best way to know what you’re eating and to support your local community and local farmers.  Community Supported Agriculture is one of the best ways for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer and the best way to get the lowest cost on the best produce.

The Wattles, Lott and Delaney families strongly believe that communities need to pursue rediscovering how to raise and source their food locally, for resiliency, community connections and to better our land for the next generation.  Plus, freshly grown produce tastes AMAZING!


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