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In the early 1900’s our food was raised and harvested at a smaller scale that enabled an intimacy and sacred connection to life-sustaining crops, livestock and food. 

The Fulton Ranch “Horse & Hen” was established in 1935 by Charlie and Peroda Fulton.  The Wattles Family (Ryan, Rachel, Sydney and Lucy) are fourth and fifth generations on the ranch.

The Kimsey-Bolten Ranch “Diamond O”, was established in 1917 by Leslie Kimsey and is listed on the County, State and National Registers of Historic Places.  The Delaney Family (Patrick, Tammie, Liam and Millie) own the ranch and operate it with their partner Arlo “Jr” Lott and his young family (Waylon, Abby and Milly).

These historic farms and ranches were designed for a scale that enabled diverse agriculture to take place including livestock, grains, fruits and vegetables. 

The community of Hayden, Horse & Hen and Diamond O are beautifully positioned to facilitate bringing food wisdom from the past and instill it in the future.